Do you think suarez will do a good job in barca?

Honestly? I have no idea. People say he’s a really good player (although I haven’t seen him playing a lot), so if he’s good he should be able to adapt to Barça’s game and do a good job. Still, I don’t like problematic players, I never have, so I was against this transfer. Anyway, we’ll see how everything goes :)

Whod you go for in the world cup? (Sorry idk if you answered this question,just found your blog)

Well I did answer this, but I don’t mind saying it again :)

At the beginning, I was rooting for Spain NT, but we lost so quickly, so then I rooted for my second favorite NT; Germany. Also, I rooted for Argentina, because, well. Leo Messi.

So the final match was actually what I wanted, my two favorite (remaining) National Teams, but at the same time it was king of a nightmare, because I wanted them both to win, so I was happy and sad with the result.

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PS. Also, I’ve been watching the pre-season FCB games, but I’m looking forward the new football season to start, and I’ll make more graphics for this blog when it does :)

Today, this blog turns 4 years, so I want to thank you all for following me.

When I started this, I never imagined I would still have the blog four years later, and much less, to have all these people following it. So seriously, THANK YOU.

I know this is really dumb omg but what's the difference between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid?

Well, there are no dumb questions, so don’t worry ;) They are two different teams, the only thing they share is that they are from the same city, like FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, which adds a certain level of hostility, and the games played by teams from the same city are always really exciting. You can search them on google and you’ll see that they’re totally different. 

PS. I’m sorry it took me so long to answer your questions, I was on vacations :)

Hi! I'm from Argentina and of course I love Messi,too bad we didn't win the cup :( but I heard that James Rodríguez had signed to Real Madrid so I wanna know what do u think about that and if Messi could be better that him or not.

Well, I’m glad things are going good for James, but I don’t know, he’s really young and he’s only made a good world cup, which means he can turn out a great footballer or he can be like many others before: a star that shines bright but shortly.

About Messi, I think he is the best footballer in the world, ever, so I don’t think anyone is better than him, even when he’s going through a rough patch.

@gusilux answered: And if the final is Germany-Argentina?

In that case I’ll be seriously divided. I want Germany to win the world cup, but I also want Leo Messi to win. So… shit hahah. (this means that I’ll be happy either way, but I’ll also be sad either way)

world cup winner?

So, who are you rooting for in the world cup? Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina…?

I’m personally rooting for Germany, but I also would root for Argentina (if only for Leo!) if they make it to the final :)

your url before?

sorry what? Never had a different url from this one.

usa nt

Favorite: Dempsey

Least favorite: I don’t know the team well enough to have a least favorite, so no one :)