@gusilux answered: And if the final is Germany-Argentina?

In that case I’ll be seriously divided. I want Germany to win the world cup, but I also want Leo Messi to win. So… shit hahah. (this means that I’ll be happy either way, but I’ll also be sad either way)

world cup winner?

So, who are you rooting for in the world cup? Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina…?

I’m personally rooting for Germany, but I also would root for Argentina (if only for Leo!) if they make it to the final :)

your url before?

sorry what? Never had a different url from this one.

usa nt

Favorite: Dempsey

Least favorite: I don’t know the team well enough to have a least favorite, so no one :)

Tottenham HotSupur

wow I know like 4-5 footballers from that team, so… hahah.

Favorite: Roberto Soldado.

Least favorite: Emmanuel Adebayor.

Send me a team and I’ll tell you my favourite and least favourite player on that team!

Leo Messi on the matches against Bosnia Herzegovina and Iran.

Neymar Jr. on the match of Brazil against Mexico, on June 17

Neymar Jr. on the match of Brazil against Mexico, on June 17

Just so you know, I’m giving this tumblr a radical change of image. I thought it was about time! So I changed the theme, the icon, added an info and a faq pages, and I’m working on a tags page, so everything will be easier to find :)

I want to thank all the people who is following this blog even now that I don’t have enough time to make all the graphics I would like. Seriously, thank you<3

And I hope you like the changes!

how do you feel about the spanish nt being out of the wc?

Well, anon, I feel pretty sad. They played horribly in the first two matches, the ones that mattered, and the other teams were obviously better. They did a lot better in the final match, but there wasn’t anything we could do to classify anymore, so… I feel sad, but I know this isn’t the end. We’ll be back :)